What Your Office Space Say About Your Company

Back then, business owners were good with just getting a space to run their business operations, not minding what the space would look like. But with today’s business culture, it is imperative that your
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would speak volumes about your organization and what it stands for.

If you are working on this type of office, this is what the people might perceive about your company:

  • Formal design

An office space that is designed with formality would mean that everything here is strictly-business. Businesses and organizations who prefer to have their office space design this way would like to perceive as trustworthy institutions and they are taking their work seriously. You would often see this kind of designs in financial institutions and traditional offices who have been in the business for years.


  • Open and free

Some people call it the millennial office space. This is what most office spaces looked like today. The design is far from traditional office spaces where in it is confined and closed. Open office spaces have little to no walls. Creators and designers of these office spaces believe in the power of collaboration amongst employees and walls are mere distractions for productivity. With this kind of design, employees roam free in the workplace. The trend for open office spaces is continuously growing as a lot of businesses converted their traditional office to a modern, open space office to promote teamwork and increase productivity.


  • Art-riddled office space

If you see an office space that is designed like an art gallery, then you are in a workplace where creativity is valued the most. Creative workspaces are designed to encourage employees to think outside the box and be original. Most of the time, you will find designs like these on offices that requires creative input, like advertising firms and production houses.


  • Tech-savvy

Obviously, this design is for companies who are offering tech services and products. The design is pretty straightforward and with a touch if industrial look. Tech companies would like to project an image that they are indeed quite knowledgeable in their field and their office space must speak of the same thing. Normally, you would see state-of-the-art equipment in every corner of the space.


However, tech giants like Google, prefer to combine the concept of creativity and tech on their office to encourage their employee to be creative in the field of technology.

See more of these office designs here.


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